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 Netmaniack v1.6

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PostSubject: Netmaniack v1.6   Netmaniack v1.6 Icon_minitime29.09.08 18:18

Netmaniack v1.6

Download:\'s edition)1.6.rar >>>
nomail addon.rar >>>

Install guide:

1. upload to your root
2. cmd to 0777 torrents dir and log.txt (unix only)
3. edit bittorrent.php and secrets.php in include dir
4. import db from SQL directory (3files)
5. edit in chat.php
Tracker chat channel is #mytracker
irc:// = irc://server:port
/mytracker = your channel
#mytracker = your channel

change to your irc server
and find

and change #mytracker to your channel
6. edit .htaccess
find all localhosts and change it to your tracker address, and change localhost to your addres in errorpages to (403.php 404.php 500.php)
7. run and DELETE IT!! and do the same whit SQL dir !!!
8. edit configuration in announce.php
9. edit in bittorrent.php line 465
whit patch to your favicon
10. Change text in bittorrent.php, ReadY sALTEd PeanutS, whit whatever you want (f.e. i like pie)
11. Change in password_protect.php
admin to some name
adminpass to some password
change localhost to your site address

PS: If you create new skin add this to your css file:

.listitem {

td.clearalt6 {
  background: #ECE9D8;
  padding: 5px;
  border: 0px;
border: hidden;

td.clearalt7 {
  padding: 5px;
  background: #ECE9D8;
  border: 0px;
border: hidden;


1. If you have more than 1 language, uncomment 125 line in my.php. (language support is currently in alpha stage)
2. If you get an error while your seeding torrent :

Tracker sending invalid data: <NULL>

then remove:

/////////////////////Fix Increase ratio using Firefox //////////////////////
$headers = getallheaders();
if (isset($headers["Cookie"]) || isset($headers["Accept-Language"]) || isset($headers["Accept-Charset"]))
err("Anti-Cheater= You cannot use this agent");
///////////////////end of fix//////////////////////

from your announce.php script, then seeding/leeching will work. If that is not working problem is in your server.
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Netmaniack v1.6
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